Today’s song: Gypsy woman, Tim Buckley

JCR_200_2_shipwreckAfter a series of circumventions with time spent in various vehicles the Falklands have finally been reached: Trains (3,5 hours) buses (3 hours) airplanes (18 hours). Since we just arrived we just have to do personal stuff: getting our stuff to our cabins and getting everything stowed away. However there were more urgent matters at hand: going for a walk. The weather upon arrival was just great 20°C and no wind. After being stuck inside it was great to have the chance to get out and stretch out legs. Soon we were a group of seven, Gabi, Hugh, José, Sebastian, Daria, Ruth and I.


The first destination was Gypsy Cove. On the way we passed one of the postcard marks of the Falklands: an old ship hat ran aground in the same bay were the JCR is docked. JCR_200_1_on_our_way_to_gypsy_coveThis is a beautiful area with large colony of Magellan penguins. These little guys actually live on beach were supposedly there still could be landmines left from the Falkland conflict. As a positive side effect this provides these penguins with a perfect sanctuary: nobody would ever dare to walk out on their beach. Anyhow I’ll let the picture speak for them selves.




JCR_200_6_Leaving the bay