Today’s song: Into the great wide open, Tom Petty

JCR_200_6_Leaving the bayIf we had good weather the first day it changed soon. The wind picked up considerably and we were struck by the occasional shower. At last weather that one would expect at the Falklands. Yesterday was al about unpacking gear and lab equipment, or not entirely. Sophie, Peter, David and Min crew who arrived early did such a good job bringing all the big stuff in order that there wasn’t much heavy work left to do. So after venturing onto a fruitless quest around the ship searching for people in need of help, I decided make the best of doing some computer work and tidying in our cabin. Because of all the good work and slowly improving weather we could actually manage to depart earlier than scheduled.


JCR_200_7_scientist_spotting_whalesThis morning we all received the news that shore leave would end at 16.00 and that we would depart at 17.00 (all in local time).  As the ship inched away from the dock the scientist made their way to the top of the ship, the monkey island. Sailing out of the bay we said our goodbyes to Stanley and the Falklands. Not sooner did we leave the shelter bay of Stanley or we would be greeted by the first wildlife. Around the ship little puffs would appear, a tell tale sing of whales, in this case most likely Sei whales. Although it was hard to tell as they never came close enough to identify them with absolute certainty. As we started upon the open water one jut came close enough for a positive identification. Sei whale after all! In the evening there was a short get together for a birthday. Nevertheless everybody went to bed quite early, to be gently rocked asleep by the ship.