Today’s song: Rawhide, the Bluesbrothers

The last couple of days we have been slowly getting into action. First we did a test station were all of the gear was put into the water. This allowed testing both the equipment and the people handling them. Most of the gear seemed to be working well until we started testing the RMT’s. First was the RMT 25 which is supposed to catch fish. This net is composed out of two net that can be opened remotely. Although, that’s how it should be… When we tested the release mechanism nothing happened. Then it was decided to test the RMT 8 which is more suited for catching krill. Initially this release mechanism failed as well… But soon we found out that it was a technical miscommunication and we got it working. So hopes went up for the RMT 25 but the second test was also unsuccessful. So it was back to the workshop were peter would have a look at it.

Anyhow by the next day everything got sorted out. Apparently it was a tripped display of Murphy’s law: pushing the wrong button, clogged gears and bad electrical wiring. So we were finally able to sort out our first catch which was dominated by salps. By the afternoon today we arrived at our fist official station and we are now changing to night shifts as this is the best time to catch fish. Although the first CTD’s were deployed successfully weather has been picking up making further sampling quite difficult. So hopefully it will slow down by tomorrow night so that we can get our first proper tow in.