Today’s song: Come on Eileen, Dexy’s Midnight Runners

JCR_200_10_stratigic_planning in the UIC_roomOn this campaign there are four people working on fish: José, Gabi, Yves and me. We form quite a heterogeneous group in terms of nationalities and interests. José is a highly energetic Portuguese squid and top predator specialist. Gabi is a German scientist working at BAS that analyzes the foodweb structure of the Scotia Sea using isotopes and fatty acids. Yves is a French household name in the study of penguins  and other predators. This group is completed by a Belgian guy doing ecology and genetics.

JCR_200_11_the First_icebergOur main task on board are helping putting the RMT 25 nets out as well as sorting out the catch an preserving everything so it can go back to Cambridge. Their the samples will be set to use for various purposes to suit our needs. As most of the fishing with the RMT 25 will take place during nighttime, when it is easier to catch the fishes, we’re all on a night shift (18.00 to 6.00 Falkland time). So last night we finally got the chance to get started with the proper work. And getting the Big RMT 25 in and out of the water is indeed a proper job. It takes at least four persons to haul in the nets,  especially if they are well filled. And after that it’s sorting time: looking at the various specimen net only fish but also jellies, decapods and amphipods. Once in a while an exclamation is heard in the lab when a new curious specimen is discovered. All in all the first catch wasn’t that big, but there was a considerable variety and it was just he right size to keep us occupied until the end of our shift an curious for more discoveries.