Today’s song: You can’t always get what you want, Rolling Stones

JCR_200_22Oh no, more than a week since my last post…… Well things have been busy around here. I’ll put in extra pics to compensate. Putting in the nets, sorting out the catches and when there is time trying to get some exercise or work on that paper that needs revision.



JCR_200_25The JCR has a tiny gym, never the less it is well equipped. But each time I get in there I wonder how they managed to fit everything in there: Was it all measured out in advance or was it a case of trail and error (or bump?). Additionally there’s also an extra workout at 16.30 on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays: Circuits. This takes place in the fore hold and is lead by the ships doctor Nerys (This is a welsh name with no etymological link with Nereis diversicolour). Basically it’s about seven stations where you have to do a set of exercises (for instance ten press ups, ten sit ups and ten military star jumps).

JCR_200_24First time round you have to repeat these exercises for 3 minutes, the next round 2 and finally 1 minute. There is a small group of hardcore participants (Picture: Ruth, me, Garaint, José, Alex and Nerys) and the occasional influx of other people depending on their work. Anyhow it is all great fun and a great way to start the day unless of course you get called out to start working on the nets…..