Today’s song: Keep the car running, The Arcade Fire

JCR_200_36_icebergs JCR_200_37_icebergradar Well this morning we were passing by South Georgia. We’re nearing the end of the main transect and will soon travel to the Polar Front for a special station. When we visited the bridge just before going to bed we got some nice surprises. First of all these icebergs, despite their nearness to South Georgia, are actual Antarctic icebergs. The detached from the JCR_200_38_hourglass_dolphincontinental ice in the Weddell Sea and have been transported Northwards by the Weddell Sea current. On top of that we got the visit  of a couple of hourglass dolphin a fairly common but rarely observed species. The contradiction lies in the fact that they occur in the Southern Ocean were not many people come. However if you get here you have a reasonable chance of spotting them.