Today’s song: Ozark Henry, At sea

JCR_200_41_a promisingdawnforsamlping JCR_200_42cathoftheday JCR_200_43_jellies JCR_200_46_squid JCR_200_45_lobster JCR_200_44amphipod JCR_200_47_atthe endofthesamplingHa the last stretch of science. Today the wind calmed down considerably and by the evening the weather could be considered quite nice. However the stormy weather of the last days has created considerable swell.  This swell is a series of long wavelength surface waves that can still attain a considerable wave height. However they generally have quite a constant frequency and direction. Since the wind had dropped the wind waves hardly affected us any more. Still the swell could make the deployment of the RMT 25 difficult enough.  Not only in terms of the RMT 25 swinging about on the deck, but also in terms of the changes an peaks on the wire en the RMT25. Nevertheless we went out and gave it a try. While deploying the first net we almost got our feet wet when a wave almost reach the deck. As the net went down Sophie and Peter kept a close eye on the tension on the wire. Although the tension was high the peaks did not exceed the safe. So it became a night filled with fishing. Two stratified deployment and on Target deployment. The catch we got was quite diverse with fish and zooplankton including several strange species.  So after a day of delay due to bad weather we finally got a good day of sampling. This is already more successful than the previous two attempts they had in this area on previous similar cruises. Let’s hope the weather stay on our side for another good day of sampling.