Today’s song: Making Waves, Novastar

JCR_200_56 JCR_200_57 JCR_200_58The weather has only been evolving in a negative sense. Shortly after we ended our shift yesterday and the daytime group had started working all sampling at the polar station had to be stopped. The weather had kept on deteriorating making any further sampling impossible. As the waves kept increasing during the following hours chances were small that there would be any target fishing during the night.  However this was a good opportunity to change shift. Everybody has his own system but one thing is the same for everybody: nobody likes it. I generally prefer to stay up as late as possible followed by sleeping until the proper wake up time. So I gambled to stay awake throughout the day. Luckily for me sampling was indeed cancelled, which was of course less fortunate for those hoping to catch additional samples. The bad weather also prevents us from going straight to South Georgia and Bird Island.  As a matter of fact our heading would rather get us to the Falklands. Even by the time that it got more sunny again the weather still remained rough. Hopefully the weather won’t stay so bad for to long so the ship can make good time going to Bird Island where two and a half days have been scheduled for relief. This means supplying the base with food and batteries and to take back any garbage.