Today’s song: A day at the races, Queen

The last couple of days were spent writing up cruise reports, packing gear and tidying up. Last night we had the end of cruise dinner. At six everybody gather up in the bar for a drink. All had to be dressed up: at least a shirt and tie for guys. This was followed by a sitting dinner at which speeches were given by the Principal Science Officer and the Captain. The captain handed out small presented for some of the crew members and scientists. The foreign collaborators received a plaque with the crest of the ship. Afterwards we had a last social event on the ship: horse races. Basically it’s a sort of shortened snakes and ladders game played with six horses with the track covering the width of the bar. Two dices are used one to determine which horse is moving along the other to determine how many places it advances. In total six races would be run and each race the owners (the people rolling the dices) would change. The added difference is that monopoly money had been handed out beforehand and bets could be placed. Special prices were to be won for the winners of individual races and of course whoever would end up with the most money. I am pleased to say that my horse “moules frites” won the race and that I wore my fake eyebrows with pride. Glen and Colin from the kitchen would end up winning the big prize. Today we arrived back in Stanley at the Falklands, ending our time at sea. Work however isn’t over yet: the next couple of days we’ll continue the packing and hopefully get some time for another walk around the island. On the 21st we will be leaving for the UK again.