Today’s song: Setting Forth, Eddie Vedder

One day left before I’ll go north in order to go South. I must be honest in all the rush of submitting proposals and papers I haven’t had much time to think about the upcoming campaign. So this week was filled with packing and trying to find all the much needed equipment. Anyhow I should be ready to go now. Tomorrow I’ll be going to Cambridge (where the BAS is located). I will stay with some colleagues an we will all depart on Sunday. A flight will take us to the Falklands where we will board the RRS James Clark Ross. For me this is a new ship and a new group of people I’ll be working with on-board. So everything will be quite new and I’ll just have to go with the flow. Nevertheless I’ve already met some of the people on-board on various workshops and conferences. For the third time (out of four) I will be sharing my cabin with a German scientist, so that seems to become a tradition. Anyhow I hope I will be able to tell much more once we sail off.