Today’s song: Moby, Southside

JCR_200_29Ha Sunday, not a day of rest on the ship, not day for watching cycling races, much rather a day for cleaning. Not for scrubbing the decks but time to change those sheets to sort out the trash and to do laundry. For those people with pondering expressions on their faces: Who on earth (or on sea) will be doing such affairs? Not Anton, he who notoriously hides behind Phd-thesis in order to escape these tedious chores one has to do in every household. He who was publicly reminded to make good his word on promises made in the foreword of that same PhD manuscript. He, who always forgets to turn inside out his clothing before laundry. To those people I say be prepared to be amazed by these graphic images: their mere nature might shock you to the core. Beds made up, clothing being turned inside out, laundry successfully washed….So I’m officially ready for these household chores, no more hiding. Except maybe ironing, I actually don’t do that on the ship….

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